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2012-11-09 08:12 pm
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The Bank of America

 We prepared for the war,
like obedient citizens.
Loaned out our children,
and called it a day.
(Didn't read the fine print)
*No guarantee anything,
will remain. 

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2012-11-09 07:53 pm
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The Gilded Days

Our tumultuous reign was
like lungs,
war drums beating like the heart
of a timid rabbit
within the city walls. 

we should 
have seen it coming
past our 
fool's gold lenses.
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2012-10-26 03:36 pm
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What's it like
in a society,
where depression

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2012-08-20 07:24 pm
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(no subject)

The town transformed,
last night.

 'Twas an extraterrestrial 
just beyond my pile
of sticks and 
rain drop stained glass.

I felt,
so human.

the end of the world 
will be beautiful.

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2012-08-20 07:18 pm
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(no subject)

Would a tornado
be as formidable
if contained 
in a stained mason jar?

Would it's power
branch out

dusty fingers
knocking over chess pieces,

fling scraps of flesh
and soul across
the decrepit shed.

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2012-08-03 11:20 am
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The Nucli-eye

To bath in the tragic
sound waves of a 
melodic tsunami 
bleed from a 
pariahs soul
as they silently accept 
the duty
to gnaw away the plastic veil
of the world. 
would be paradise
on a stick
like molding fruit 
purchased from street vendors
proper permits, and inspections
sounds daring, does it not. 
Lets live on the wild side,
you and i. 
and tap into the veins
trace them back to the heart
of the city
and rediscover the world
we've created,
our own poetic delusions.
is your blue sky my rain,
is my sun your demise? 
what powers are possessed
truly by the eyes. 
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2012-07-10 12:37 pm
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Vote Yes On One To Tax Smiles

 I heard on the news

Misery's Co.
had gone bankrupt
the peasents
{sheeple. SLAVES] 
all marched to 
the queen of the ant hill
demanding they be forced
to donate. 

As I said before
It was in the news
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2012-07-07 09:33 am
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The Worth of Your Soul Has Decreased, Sincerely Inflation

You'd dig your own grave
with a rusted spoon
eager to get to China.

Patience was never a virtue,
in your church of
corporate reproductions.

I'd chisel the sun
[With a dagger of ice]
Away my slave name
a crooked signature
to become an honorary member

I only hope
that your rapture is less 
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2012-06-22 04:21 pm
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I Thought I Broke My Cat Today

I discovered a 
mysterious force 
within my fingers 
this late
early morning

a predator stance
thy phalanges
and descended upon
the Silent One's head

whose neck spasms 

stalks off 
irate for her
true being revealed

I always knew 
that my feline
was a cyborg. 

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2012-05-26 06:34 pm
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Take Your Vitamins

 Scratching at fraying edges
slipping into
this state of suspended animation
the television screen
is alluring
so tired
seducing fatigued limbs to slip

The whole world
changed frequencies 
last night
left behind
lips forming words
light years away
out of touch.

The days grew
impregnated minutes 
of interactions
with dial-up. 
and the phantom
fleeting sensations
on out of touch brain pulses
beneath bleached flesh.
cannot even fathom it
with fragmented
thoughts and 
time travelers jet lag.

I did what?

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2012-05-21 11:13 am
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Manifestation Of Those Who Weren't Pleased

An ambiguous enitity
a shapeless
blob of a microorganism

comprised of gellatin
and some sort of flesh
like substance

it speaks with conviction
through holes
courteously provided
by rusted fork prongs
and makes demands
in foreign tongues.

it cannot be halted,

the embodiment
spreads, worms
like a parasite
through disturbed lifetimes.

only accomplishing
its first phase of life
and continues to devolve
consuming its own larvae.
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2012-05-18 04:13 pm
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Human Zoo

Vomited to earth
drunken alien projectile

I've come enlighten you
My ugly sheep
The reaper smiles.

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2012-05-18 04:07 pm
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(no subject)

I'm a situational activist
eco-friendly paper
and thick black sharpies
always rolling in the backseat
of my SUV. 

I'm an occasional pacifist
armed with slick wit,
and enough aggression
to fuel world war three

Oh! Traffic forget about your life
Look at me.

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2012-05-17 11:18 am
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My Mother Is A Drone

There comes a time
in our future
lost keys
the missing sock
of a freshly
laundered pair

will be located
with a simple call
to your
local law enforcement agency.

And you'll teach
your children
remind them to wave
to the friendly
peeping tom
when they glance out
the window
to see if it's sunny
or not.

and teach them to
To say good morning
to their big brother
lamp post

And when they get out of line
remind them
of the terror-ble times

Tell them its for the greater good.

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2012-05-15 10:59 am
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Sulfuric Tolls Now Have E-Z Pass

Standing ridged
still a guard

the toll collector
collects the.


slipping penny halves

One side of
face painted
in ash
and redden
from the hungry
flames of hell.

the road needs
to be paved
muses, as
shiny a Mercedes
an axle on some
figment of a pavement

Or maybe not
him her it

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2012-05-10 05:07 pm
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Paper Mache Human

 Laced with aggression
my alter ego
with the petals
of the body's collapse.

A tragic rendition
of something
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2012-05-10 04:59 pm
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Subliminal Gods

my fingers thirst,
they ache for
a brutal
slaughtering of words
about words

Delicious in their melancholy
Ripe with angst
and uncensored death.

I build cities
simply to destroy
and rebuild
 just to do it again.

Because I can.

An unleashed antichrist
A god mocking,
of the shadows
the lure of
the spoken word

Oh how it bends
so pliantly to your will
with sporadic
in lines.

I can
steal the life
I created.

This is just too
much power 
for one
mortal soul.

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2012-05-03 11:21 am
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Needs To Be Finished

The seed was planted
in the darkened void
where monetary gods
would never serve
the poor.

It festered.
On the fringe of light
plotting world dominantion

Though it wasn't
the red blood was split
that the new spieces
was discovered.

Too public for denial,
A stain dulled by bleach.
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2012-04-26 11:25 am
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< Insert Question Mark Insert >

Pixels ate
the crime scene photos

evidence circumstantial

is it true
death was murdered?

or shall he murder again.

He will.

rise from the depths
of wastelands border

wispy threads
of iron(Y).

if death is dead
then so are
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2012-04-25 11:05 am
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Needs Not Be Named

Have I caught
this dismissive tone
of my thoughts

have I mastered nothing
with everything

have I destroyed cities before
I built them

have I lived a life
worth dying

Have I wasted enough

to save future generations
from slipping
down the mountain
of turmoil topsoil

Have I done enough
to keep others
from experiencing
the subtle sting
of boredom.