26 May 2012 @ 06:34 pm
Take Your Vitamins  
 Scratching at fraying edges
slipping into
this state of suspended animation
the television screen
is alluring
so tired
seducing fatigued limbs to slip

The whole world
changed frequencies 
last night
left behind
lips forming words
light years away
out of touch.

The days grew
impregnated minutes 
of interactions
with dial-up. 
and the phantom
fleeting sensations
on out of touch brain pulses
beneath bleached flesh.
cannot even fathom it
with fragmented
thoughts and 
time travelers jet lag.

I did what?

How does that make you feel?: uncomfortable
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Music;: Pearl Jam
21 May 2012 @ 11:13 am
Manifestation Of Those Who Weren't Pleased  
An ambiguous enitity
a shapeless
blob of a microorganism

comprised of gellatin
and some sort of flesh
like substance

it speaks with conviction
through holes
courteously provided
by rusted fork prongs
and makes demands
in foreign tongues.

it cannot be halted,

the embodiment
spreads, worms
like a parasite
through disturbed lifetimes.

only accomplishing
its first phase of life
and continues to devolve
consuming its own larvae.
How does that make you feel?: anxious
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18 May 2012 @ 04:13 pm
Human Zoo  
Vomited to earth
drunken alien projectile

I've come enlighten you
My ugly sheep
The reaper smiles.

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Music;: Soundgarden
18 May 2012 @ 04:07 pm
I'm a situational activist
eco-friendly paper
and thick black sharpies
always rolling in the backseat
of my SUV. 

I'm an occasional pacifist
armed with slick wit,
and enough aggression
to fuel world war three

Oh! Traffic forget about your life
Look at me.

Music;: Soundgarden
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17 May 2012 @ 11:18 am
My Mother Is A Drone  
There comes a time
in our future
lost keys
the missing sock
of a freshly
laundered pair

will be located
with a simple call
to your
local law enforcement agency.

And you'll teach
your children
remind them to wave
to the friendly
peeping tom
when they glance out
the window
to see if it's sunny
or not.

and teach them to
To say good morning
to their big brother
lamp post

And when they get out of line
remind them
of the terror-ble times

Tell them its for the greater good.

Helping the neighborhood stalker...: Lunch, Lobby of School
15 May 2012 @ 10:59 am
Sulfuric Tolls Now Have E-Z Pass  
Standing ridged
still a guard

the toll collector
collects the.


slipping penny halves

One side of
face painted
in ash
and redden
from the hungry
flames of hell.

the road needs
to be paved
muses, as
shiny a Mercedes
an axle on some
figment of a pavement

Or maybe not
him her it

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How does that make you feel?: bored
10 May 2012 @ 05:07 pm
Paper Mache Human  
 Laced with aggression
my alter ego
with the petals
of the body's collapse.

A tragic rendition
of something
Music;: Whatever; Godsmack
How does that make you feel?: creative
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10 May 2012 @ 04:59 pm
Subliminal Gods  
my fingers thirst,
they ache for
a brutal
slaughtering of words
about words

Delicious in their melancholy
Ripe with angst
and uncensored death.

I build cities
simply to destroy
and rebuild
 just to do it again.

Because I can.

An unleashed antichrist
A god mocking,
of the shadows
the lure of
the spoken word

Oh how it bends
so pliantly to your will
with sporadic
in lines.

I can
steal the life
I created.

This is just too
much power 
for one
mortal soul.

Music;: Go Away; Godsmack
How does that make you feel?: creative
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03 May 2012 @ 11:21 am
Needs To Be Finished  
The seed was planted
in the darkened void
where monetary gods
would never serve
the poor.

It festered.
On the fringe of light
plotting world dominantion

Though it wasn't
the red blood was split
that the new spieces
was discovered.

Too public for denial,
A stain dulled by bleach.
26 April 2012 @ 11:25 am
< Insert Question Mark Insert >  
Pixels ate
the crime scene photos

evidence circumstantial

is it true
death was murdered?

or shall he murder again.

He will.

rise from the depths
of wastelands border

wispy threads
of iron(Y).

if death is dead
then so are
How does that make you feel?: bored
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25 April 2012 @ 11:05 am
Needs Not Be Named  
Have I caught
this dismissive tone
of my thoughts

have I mastered nothing
with everything

have I destroyed cities before
I built them

have I lived a life
worth dying

Have I wasted enough

to save future generations
from slipping
down the mountain
of turmoil topsoil

Have I done enough
to keep others
from experiencing
the subtle sting
of boredom.

Helping the neighborhood stalker...: Lunch, Lobby of School
How does that make you feel?: bored
25 April 2012 @ 10:57 am
Tabloid Schizophrenic  
I didn't know
that your child was a monster
She gasps
and slides away. one foot dangling
off the edge of becoming
something she's so scared of.

Human tendencies
to prod at flaws
out of sheer boredom
and mental

a mundane society
seeks catastrophic

In death
we will all be beatiful

Helping the neighborhood stalker...: Lunch, Lobby of School
How does that make you feel?: bored
11 April 2012 @ 10:49 am
Ran Out Of Time, Please Try Again Later  
I wish to keep a minute
as a pet
chained behind my house
with a mundane name
for a mundane creature.

I would feed it agony
I would bath it in blood
'til its coat glisten

And when the sun goes down
it'll howl
hoarse notes of sympathy

for the fool who seeks
to control tomorrow endlessly

05 April 2012 @ 11:26 am
Holographic Ooze  
Minutes melt to ooze
seeping from the clocks
flooding all the halls
morphing into shackles
around ankles
and wrists

before imprisoned eyes
manifests a screen
replaying broken movie reels
of dream after dream

only the actors are replaced
with plastic manikins
whose vocal cords were severed
whose eyes were gouged
and only vacant holes remain

Its the most beautiful show
you've ever seen.

eventually the words stick
they chip through the harden exterior
of a decaying eardrum
and nestle themselves into the cracks
were they germinate
as you listen.
Festering these implanted thoughts
of everything you've ever desired.

But in(sanity)
you're nothing more then sack of skin
and brittle bones
pinned vertical in the center of a room
locked from both inside and out
drinking in the sweet words
of people who know you better then you
skin tanned a swirl of iridescent hues
from the television rays.

When minutes become obselete
only then will come tomorrow
and today is yesterday.
How does that make you feel?: excited
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04 April 2012 @ 11:00 am
Negotiable Fees, Tax Not Included  

She hid the heart,
In a crudely constructed
wooden box
crammed into the gas tank
That was chronically on 'E'
In her vehicle of choice
A rusted black hearse.

It's hatred drove her crazy
It's destination hell.

A duet of conflicting
A cacophony of scripted
last words.

She tore ads from the paper,
"til by chance she found the one

'Death for hire' Negotiable fees.

Seems the economy is tough
on everyone
She muses. Grin
Laced with malicious glee.

She hid the knife
in her chest cavity
That was chronically on 'E'.
In her body of choice
A delicious host.

Helping the neighborhood stalker...: Lunch, Lobby of School
01 April 2012 @ 07:21 am
Death For Hire  

I'm out for blood on this vampiric desire,

I'm a phantom mercenary,

Death for hire.


The wind whispers warnings through the humble cabin's open window. The warnings how ever go unheeded as the occupant continues to settle in for a nights rest.

A horse neighs in contempt as the rider delivers a swift kick to it's bonny ribs. Shouting out foreign commands, the steed's eyes flick to a demonic onyx as it picks up speed. The figure shroud in a flowing black cloak wobbles to and fro with the force of the uneven terrain.



“Who dares disturb me on this stormy night?” The irritated man bellows out through the heavy wooden door.

“Tis Death here, I've come to deliver an urgent message.” The figure responses tiredly, while straightening out his attire.

“It can wait 'til sunrise.” The man calls back dismissively.


“How many times can a righteous man trip before he falls?” A nasally voice slithers out of the churches ruins. Its sulfuric undertones stinging the side of the young priest's face, as he hastily turns away and quickens his steps down the path.

The wind dies down the further away he is from the scorched remains of what was once a flourishing house of worship. He sighs to himself as the bitter decline flashes before his mind's eye. News paper articles and rumor after rumor of satanic influences and the usual child abuse scandals. It was all too much, too persistent for the patrons to endure and people eventually faded away. He couldn't recall the last time all the pews had been full...



“Hey, have you heard anymore on the case?” The blonde youth asked his friend. They were seated just beyond the school ground's reach passing a cigarette between each other.


“Nope. Police still think they're hunting some protesters or something. I guess they're pinning the suspicion on a radical group south of us.” The more sinister of the two replied, a smirk maiming his sharp features.


“Well that's good. Ain't it?”


“Indeed it is Bentley. Indeed it is.”




“I'm telling you that we need to be prepared!” The elder man bellows, slamming the books that were once in his hand on the table, causing pens to fall and scatter across the floor.


His counterpart stares at him bewildered by either the sudden outrage or opposing beliefs. “I think that we need to take a step back and reevaluate the situation.” He attempts to reason with the infuriated man in vain.


“This isn't something to procrastinate about to put on the back burner or hide in the closet. This is warfare, Marcus.” He pauses, his chest heaving and face stained crimson. The veins in his neck bulge out as his slender fingers tremble. “This is biblical warfare.”


“I call in the reinforcements tomorrow.” Marcus sighs in defeat and quickly leaves the room. 

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How does that make you feel?: anxious
31 March 2012 @ 01:50 pm
Do You Want Fries With That?  
 Confidential media
Tinted yellow beneath cheap light-bulbs
In the janitor closet, of the newest terminal
Donning automatic light sensors
No need to flick switches.

In this office of luxury,
Words are taught their worth
Through top secret conferences
Determining one's fate
In foreign tongues

Concise, Is an art form
To a fault. When genocide is crammed 
Into two cent headlines
On the bottom left
column the world news tab.

The feds have got one thing right,
Physiological tactics
Are this seasons trend in warfare.

Propaganda tastes best
With my morning coffee
Black, with no sugar coating.
(We're on a first name basis now) 

Will that complete your new world order?

How does that make you feel?: distressed
31 March 2012 @ 01:43 pm
The Eye In The Sky  
Under surveillance,
we mustn't speak lies
They're always watching
A.I, Eye in the sky

Fear knot.
Our fellow citizens
Fear knot.
Our fellow spies

Its about time,
That the revolution is
On high-jacked
Unregistered wifi

Fear knot.
Our fellow citizens
Fear knot.
Our quick demise

Fear knot.
Our fellow citizens
Fear knot.
Our fellow spies.
How does that make you feel?: uncomfortable
29 March 2012 @ 05:09 pm

/Lets talk/ When the skies are bled black/
/And the world reeks of a stagnate abyss/
/Lets talk/ When the buildings crumble/
/And people and soil are unified again/

/I.ll paint the lines on your parking lot/
/With the blood of orphaned children/
/I'll even give you a discount/
/If the world.s still turning/


/The match on both ends/
/Laugh as it burns your finger tips/

/Lets talk/ When the guns are loaded/
/And let the annihilation begin/
How does that make you feel?: excited
Helping the neighborhood stalker...: My Couch
28 March 2012 @ 10:20 am
Amputee Time Traveler Wins The Race  
Tread lightly fearing hours
as though they're
manifestations of internal fears

Oh no! here comes one now
I must retreat into my turtle shell
and hope the earthquake settles
with minimal damage
Ill prepared for the after shakes

The humming persists

Ah! its arrived upon us
Another tricky demon
on the escalator of life

Always running backwards from time.
Helping the neighborhood stalker...: School, Math class
How does that make you feel?: stressed