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pestilence ([personal profile] pestilence) wrote on November 7th, 2012 at 03:41 pm
 The building is dark. Dark and empty. Save for miniscule laser beams whose reflection is nothing more then a glimpse in the stainless steel moulding along the office suite. Though these seemingly infinitesimal rays of light are highly lethal, top of the line corporate security. Containing enough (beam) to sever one's limb cleaning in half. It is this sole reason one a simple hit-man could not be hired. 
No the corporation of the pigs dug deep into the underground to locate the one and only allusive Dustman. A  renown death for hire in the most elite of circles. 
The target is as perfect as an imperfect world can get for a perfect assassin. The ideal distance from arrival, peripheral vision blocked just enough. 
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