pestilence: (Default)
pestilence ([personal profile] pestilence) wrote on August 3rd, 2012 at 11:20 am
The Nucli-eye
To bath in the tragic
sound waves of a 
melodic tsunami 
bleed from a 
pariahs soul
as they silently accept 
the duty
to gnaw away the plastic veil
of the world. 
would be paradise
on a stick
like molding fruit 
purchased from street vendors
proper permits, and inspections
sounds daring, does it not. 
Lets live on the wild side,
you and i. 
and tap into the veins
trace them back to the heart
of the city
and rediscover the world
we've created,
our own poetic delusions.
is your blue sky my rain,
is my sun your demise? 
what powers are possessed
truly by the eyes. 
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